Liberate Yourself (Haarlemtown)

by The Irrational Library

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The 2nd track from the boogie for your brains spoken word band The Irrational Library. Liberate yourself and one by one we'll get all this craziness to calm down, so we can all just get down together.


Haarlemtown Liberate Yourself from Your Mental Slavery

If Vrijheid is niet Vanzelfsprekend
and freedom as a commodity has never
actually been free
then what can we
what can we
what can we
expect to come naturally?

For our time of now and the continious
disagreement in common discourse
This tragic train of hate thought
propelling humanity full speed into
head on collisions of confrontation
our safety belts broken
we ain't saving Syria when can't even
pretend that we are truly living together amongst

Now allow me to generalize
and feel free of guilt
allow me to generalize
and feel free of guilt
allow me to generalize
and feel free of guilt

about our choices
and the freedom that
we choose to ignore

Noone is going to see eye to eye
if our visions are just downloadable dreams
as we continue not to see the real
the real in our shared reality
let us quickly forget about the show.

Freedom do not foresake me
my peace of mind but
engage me freedom in my pursuit of mindfulness.

Freedom, oh sweet and sexy freedom
you give us the right to use our voices
but not in the vain attempt to deny anothers choices.

Freedom abused by those with geen style
those fearful like a child lost in the wild
Freedom your voice is not meant to be used
for the hateful words of fear mongerering
that aim to bludgeon the heart of another.

Freedom is not a barbedwire fence or a brick wall
closing off the fortified borders of our imaginations
keeping those searching and scrambling for freedom out
as we as we lock yourselves in.

Freedom is not the bullet in the barrel of the gun
but the open hand that gives as much as it receives.
Freedom is not abandoning your common sense
but making sense of the uncommon around us.

Freedom, what are we all so scared of?
Freedom, what did our forefathers actually
do to our distant cousins.

Freedom all that we consume is an illusion
Freedom, the illusion that what we consume will make us free.
Freedom the most real of the real is
the cultivation of equality in our communitiy.

Freedom may not be Vanzelfsprekend
so that is why we have to never
stop reminding ourselves
exactly what Freedom is.
Freedom, we need to continue to always
speak out
to reach out
to liberate ourselves
from our mental slavery Haarlemtown
and become conscious and aware of
the freedoms that surround us
and allude us
each and every single


released November 15, 2016
Text/vocals - Joshua Baumgarten
Musical production (Guitar, Bass, Piano) - Mishal Zeera
Baritone Sax - Tom de Haan
Drums - Lars van der Weiden

photo by Joni Spaan.



all rights reserved


The Irrational Library Haarlem, Netherlands

The Irrational Library is a new project crossing the streams of spoken word poetry and get down boogie for your brain rock n roll music. The Irrational Library is the party protest band for modern times. A spiritual uplift to put a sway in your hips and take you along a real fine mental trip. ... more

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